I have been working as a translator and proofreader since August 2000. My main areas of translation are art, architecture, culture and academic writing from Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and French into English.

I have also translated a variety of texts including music biography, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, manuals and articles. These span many different subjects such as dance, film, anatomy, oil production, and Sami yoik. In addition, I offer proofreading and editing services in both English and Norwegian.

I have an MPhil in Art History and Classics (Ancient Greek and Latin) from the University of Oslo and have previously studied Philosophy at Heythrop College, University College London.

I have always been bilingual and multicultural, with a Norwegian mother and a British father. In addition, I have lived and worked in both England and Norway for many years as an adult. At the moment I am based in London, but also spend time in Norway.

I am a member of the Norwegian Authors and Translators Association (NFF).



ETN – The Emerging Translators Network


Oslo National Academy of the Arts – OCA Office of Contemporary Art Norway – OSL Contemporary – Ecstatic Peace Library – Aschehoug – SceSam – Bazar Publishing – Vett og Viten Publishing – The Centre for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities  –  The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions – University of Oslo – The Norwegian Journal of History of Ideas – BRE, Building Research Establishment

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Translation Catalogue

There is No Place Like Home, Norwegian to English translation of poem by Eivind Hofstad Evjemo for OSL Contemporary. 2020.

In Order of Appearance. Transcribing and subtitling interview in Norwegian for OSL Contemporary. 2020.

In Order of Appearance. Translation from Norwegian to English of texts for the exhibition at OSL Contemporary. 2020.

Ethical Guidelines. English to Norwegian. WSP. 2020.

Let the River Flow. Translation of exhibition texts from Norwegian to English. OCA Office of Contemporary Art Norway. 2020.

The Preliminary Drawing School. Norwegian to English translation of book to celebrate 200 year jubilee for Oslo National Academy of the Arts. 2018.

The Death Archives: Mayhem 1984-94, by Jørn “Necrobutcher” Stubberud with Svein Strømmen and Christian Belgaux, Afterword by Thurston Moore, Ecstatic Peace Library. Co-translation with Jan Bruun. 2016.

About the book

“Social Media – a New Stage for the Drama Teacher,” Kristian Nødtvedt Knudsen, NTNU. Danish – English translation. 2015.

“SceSam – Interactive Dramaturgies in Performing Arts for Children,” Foreningen SceSam funded by Assitej Norway, 2015. Translation Norwegian – English, proofreading.

Muzak-mens-du-jobber,” Alexandra Hui. ARR Idehistorisk Tidsskrift, 2015. English – Norwegian.

The Hijab Debate in the Norwegian Press – Secular or Religious Arguments?” Cora Alexa Døving. Journal of Religion in Europe, 2012. Norwegian – English.

Failed Integration”, Cora Alexa Døving. The Centre for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities, 2011. Norwegian – English.

Quality Assurance Project, Oslo University, 2011.

Out at Work”, The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, 2010. Norwegian – English.

Tangaroa, Havets Hersker: et eventyr i Kon-Tikis kjølvann, Torgeir Sæverud Higraff. Bazar, 2008. Extract into English.

Med jaguarens Kraft, Anders C. Krogh. Bazar, 2008. Extract into English.

Private International Law, Muslim Laws and Gender Equality: The Adjudication of mahr in Scandinavian, English and French Courts, Lene Løvdal. Proofreading.

Mineralogi, Tore Prestvik. Vett og Viten.

Yoik in the Old Sami Religion, Elin Margrethe Wersland. Vett og Viten. Norwegian – English.

The Mensendieck System of Functional Movements, Inger Klemmetsen in cooperation with Gro Rugseth. Vett og Viten, 2005. Norwegian – English.

Oil and Gas – From Reservoir to Refinery. Jan- Henrik Johnsen. Vett og Viten.

Production of Oil and Gas. Second Edition. Tore Nedregaard. Vett og Viten.

Well Control Manual. Vett og Viten.

Styring. Trym Staal Eggen. Vett og Viten.

Prosesskontroll 2. Bjørnar Larsen. Vett og Viten.

Plattformer og boreutstyr.  Einar Framnes. Vett og Viten. 4. Utg.

Boreoperasjoner og boreteknikk. Vett og Viten. 4.Utg.

Boreteknologi 2. Vett og Viten.

Bårdar Dance Academy Prospectus. Vett og Viten.

Health, Safety and the Environment. Vett og Viten.

Film in the Digital Age. Language Consultant.